Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueología. Universidad de Granada


Zita Laffranchi


Publicaciones recientes:

- Jiménez-Brobeil SA, Charisi D, Laffranchi Z, Maroto Benavides RM, Delgado Huertas A, Milella M. (2021). Sex differences in diet and life conditions in a rural Medieval Islamic population from Spain (La Torrecilla, Granada): An isotopic and osteological approach to gender differentiation in al-Andalus. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2021;1–22. DOI:

- Laffranchi Z, Milella M, Lombardo P, Langer R, Lösch S. (2021). Co-occurrence of malignant neoplasm and Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna in an Iron Age individual from Münsingen-Rain (Switzerland): A multi-diagnostic study. International Journal of Paleopathology 32: 1-8. DOI:

- Laffranchi Z, Charisi D, Jiménez-Brobeil SA, Milella M. (2020). Gendered division of labor in a Celtic community? A comparison of sex differences in entheseal changes and long bone shape and robusticity in the pre-Roman population of Verona (Italy, third–first century BC). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 173:568–588. DOI:

- Laffranchi Z, Mazzucchi A, Thompson S, Delgado-Huertas A, Granados-Torres A, Milella M. (2020). Funerary reuse of a Roman amphitheatre: Palaeodietary and osteological study of Early Middle Ages burials (8th and 9th centuries AD) discovered in the Arena of Verona (Northeastern Italy). International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 2020;1–14. DOI:

-Jiménez Brobeil SA, Maroto Benavides RM, Laffranchi, Z, Roca MG, Granados Torres, A, Delgado Huertas A. (2020). Exploring food access in the isolated medieval rural community of San Baudelio de Berlanga (Northern Iberia): an isotopic approach to history. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 30: 102218. DOI: